Discover the CASA BATLLÓ!

Ma visite à la Casa Batlló The Casa Batllὀ was conceived by Gaudi as a living organism (natural links between exterior, interior and furniture). He completely remodelled the interior and exterior spaces, added floors, developed lighting and natural ventilation. The house is organized around a patio. Gaudí 's work is original and breaking with the [...]

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City Pass Barcelona: Save 20% discount on your tickets!

When you organize a weekend with friends, you want to save time and money by visiting Barcelona. And most importantly don’t take your mind by exploring the thousands of sites to buy your tickets. The best is still to book online. If you want to save yourself from stress then read on! There are several […]

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2 days in Barcelona

2 days in Barcelona. For a weekend between girls this is the perfect destination. There is so much to do that it is better to show flexibility in order not to disappoint the participants. Fortunately Barcelona offers enough to satisfy everyone!!! To be able to stay for two days in Barcelona, you must first choose a […]

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